Only 1 in 10 women actually love the hair they were born with…and 1 in 5 of them have skipped a social event because of how unpredictable their hair was that day. EPIRA™ Coconut Oil™ Treatment is for every woman with “challenging hair”…humidity-reactive, frizz-prone, difficult to style & manage hair that’s naturally textured. It’s a true 3-in-1, all-in-one…use it as a conditioner & treatment, styler & tamer or to finish any look after styling. It uses coconut oil, the oldest conditioner on earth…that we’ve revolutionized into a lightweight, luminous oil that is effective on the widest variety of hair types and textures that will tame even the most challenging hair…without EVER weighing it down.

Our mantra is to help every person “LOVE THE HAIR YOU HAVE”. Whatever the texture, whatever you style you want to create…every day should be a good hair day. #loveyourhair

EPIRA is evolving in an exciting new direction! Stay tuned.


Beauty shouldn’t come with cost or consequence. In a new century we are waking up the cold reality that the pursuit of “faster” and “cheaper” came at the cost of the planet and all forms of life on it.

EPIRA is born from the belief that the Earth can provide us without taking. That “good hair days” can be achieved every day with the purest, 100% natural or naturally derived ingredients without harming the planet. We sustainably source the best of these ingredients from all over the world and hand craft simple, clean, “junk free” haircare.

We proudly present EPIRA™ Coconut Oil™ Treatment. Products born from the realization that you DESERVE to love your reflection, to help you tame and control…that you don’t have to live with bad hair days. That good hair days should be every day…a woman free to be.

Fall in love all over again.

Your hair. Your texture.

Totally Vegan. Sulfate-Free. Paraben-Free. Made In The USA. Always Cruelty Free.
We aim to be Eco Conscious. People Conscious & Planet Worthy.


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